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Wise Food Long Life

60 Serving Entree Pack


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Jackson


Coming complete with quick grab handles and measuring 15" in height, this long life food system is ideal for solo survivalists as well as small families. I decided to try out the contents with my wife and 2 daughters over the course of a week to see how effective the package is. The packs usually enough for 1 person to eat for a month at 2 meals per day.


The food was stored in heavy duty mylar packs, which were strong enough to deflect both impact and cutting damage. Once peeled open, the food was fresh and ready to be heated and tasted as good as any home-cooked meal that I've had.


The meals were filling and were more than enough for a single serving. My family ate other food daily, but I wanted to test if the package could provide enough energy to last the full week, so I stuck to the 2 per day routine; to test my energy levels and ability to function as if I was undergoing a ration regime.

Wise Food Long Life 60 Serving Entree Food Pack
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The food provided the same levels of energy that I have while consuming my regular sources of food. Overall, the entire package is a great deal for small families and with a 25 year shelf life, the contents can be stored for an event and still be as good as new.


Brand - Wise Food

Type - Survival Product



60 x entree servings in 1 x 12lb total bucket

-Cheesy Lasagna

-Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini

-Savory Stroganoff

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Useful Survival Accessories

More Contents:


-Cheesy Macaroni

-Creamy Tortilla Soup

-Chicken Flavored Pot Pie

-Pasta Alfredo

-Chili Macaroni

-Teriyaki Rice

-Loaded Baked Potato

-Tomato Basil Soup

-Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup

-Southwest Beans and Rice

25 year shelf life


We all know how expensive long life food can be, but this investment is easily the best value for money.

Wise Food Long Life 60 Serving Entree Food Pack WiseFood