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Reviewed by Grant


It's no secret that I'm a bowie knife collector, so much so that when my full tang Winchester Bowie Knife turned up my neighbours had to query whether it was me or my wife shrieking with delight. Unlike many of my other knives, this one comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath that weaved neatly over my belt strap. The knife itself is nice and solid at 1lb with an 8.75" blade. The full tang construction showed no sign of weakness and the brass pins were a nice feature too. The grip was ideal for my hand shape but would suit most finger lengths and widths easily.


One of the nicest features has to be the hole at the base of the handle which provided me with much more versatility when I took it outdoors for field testing. I attached some paracord and looped it to my pants and it was immensely comfortable, without too much drag but not feeling too light. Once outside, I set up a few melons to stab and slash at. The blade's edge is easily sharp enough to draw blood, (I did try to shave paper with no luck, so it's not quite razor edge but has the potential to be). I set up a few melons and stabbed at the first and the blade went deep and clean.



Bowie Knife


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Rated 5

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Great Hunting Accessories


Brand - Winchester

Type - Hunting Equipment



8.75" blade with reinforced black nylon sheath.

Full tang construction with brass pins.

Matching heavy duty- brass knuckle guard.

Hardwood handle with carved finger slots.

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I then sliced through the next 4lb melon in 3.5 cuts and destroyed the last with a couple of hacks. When I'd finished, the blade wiped clean easily and looked as good as new. If it's a killer bowie that you're after at a fraction of the price, then grab your discount while it lasts because you won't be disappointed! There are literally no negative aspects of this knife, from the base of the handle all the way to the tip of the blade itself; everything is so flawlessly designed and robustly manufactured that I have no doubt this fella will last me well in to the future.

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