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Web-Tex Warrior

Survival Saw


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Jackson


I used to use a small wire saw before it came to pieces and I've been trying to find a reliable heavy duty saw ever since. When I came across the Web-Tex Warrior Survival Saw, I had to try it out for myself.


The first thing that I did was to swing one end over a large tree branch. I used both handles to climb the tree and make sure that it held my weight - it didn't show a single sign of weakness which met my expectation for this piece of web-tex equipment.


I grabbed the handles on both sides and stood at the base of the tree to see how quickly it could cut through a 8" branch. The strong hand saw blades went straight to work and I was through the branch in about 45 seconds. I checked the condition of the cutting blades and they were as good as new - I just needed to wipe away the branch residue. It's much more effective than even a strong hand saw.


Brand - Web-Tex

Type - Survival Equipment



Simple to use Heavy Duty Hand Chainsaw

Bi-Directional Cutting

Coated blade to prevent rust

Strong nylon webbing handles

Can be thrown over branches

Web-Tex Warrior Survival Saw
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The links look like a bike chain and they rotate at the same angles which makes them easy to get into hard to reach areas for cutting. My final test was to see if I could damage an iron rod with the blades; the iron teeth cut in to the metal and left deep grooves which allowed me to snap the rod in half. A very comfortable hand saw with all sorts of applications- I like to keep mine in the truck to cut firewood when I'm outdoors, but it would be ideal for survival and for escape too.

Useful Survival Accessories

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If it's a heavy duty survival saw that can chew through wood like it was... softer wood, then you won't go wrong with this awesome saw from Web Tex.


It's called the Warrior for a reason and in all honesty it's easily our favorite survival saw on the market. It's robust, resilient and just doesn't break! We put it under immense pressure during testing and even twisting it did nothing to weaken the tool.


The handle straps are nice and firm, but not so firm as to cause injury to skin - if anything they are just the right combination of comfort and functionality, which isn't always the case with nylon.


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