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Hiking Medikit


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Phil


After suffering a minor injury while hiking in 2012, I've made a point of bringing a medi-kit with me for all of my hiking trips. I've gone through plenty of kits but when I tried the Web-Tex hiking medikit last month, I decided on a long term brand.


This kit is full of features and functions and is light weight enough to slip into a pouch without interfering with my other equipment. The dressing is of high quality and easy to apply. The scissors are good enough to cut thick card and are heavy duty, too.


The Savlon antiseptic cream is a nice addition and you don't often see it featured in medikits, but this kit isn't like others that I've used. Even the alcohol-free disinfectant has a higher concentration of antibacterial properties to better sterilize wounds.


Brand - Web-Tex

Type - Hiking Accessory



5cm x 5cm non-adherent dressing

6 x assorted safety pins

Waterproof dressing strip 4cm x 1cm

2 x alcohol-fee wipes

Sevlon antiseptic cream 50mg

Web-Tex Hiking Medikit


A must have for any hiking equipment set, this kit takes the standard expectaions of a traditional travel medical kit and then enhances those features in a deluxe way. The Web-Tex carry case provided is also heavy duty and made of high quality nylon. It's protected my supplies from water and mud on more than one occasion and I feel much better knowing that my kit is close by should anything happen.

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