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Ultra Fishing

2.2 Umbrella Cover


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Reviewed by Rory


Several years back I was caught in the rain while fishing so I quickly grabbed an umbrella cover to avoid that happening again. As with all impulse buys that cover was fairly weak and blew away last month, so I decided to check out the new Ultra Fishing Umbrella Cover, which came complete with ground pegs and cord.


When it arrived, I was concerned about how light weight it was, but once I'd set it up in the back yard it felt sturdy and solid, even while I rocked the central pole. The exterior contains zip up side panels and windows which is a nice touch, but I really wanted to test its performance.


To fully put it to the test I left it outside overnight while it poured down with rain and checked on it the following morning - to my amazement this great fishing accessory was still in perfect condition and undamaged. I wanted to see how secure the contents of the Ultra Fishing umbrella cover would be so I placed a sheet of paper under a rock on a small table inside and left it another night. The following morning I checked on my experiment and found the paper completely unharmed; and still under the rock.


Brand - Ultra Fishing

Type - Fishing Accessory



2.2m umbrella

Zip on walls for rear and side protection

Multi-angle tilt function

Adjustable umbrella height

Pegs included to anchor walls to ground

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Since then I've used this umbrella on several fishing trips and it's great in both the rain and to shield from direct sunlight. Its light-weight design also makes it easy to transport.

If it's a heavy duty, versatile and reliable umbrella that you're after for fishing or to provide shade in general, then you really won't go wrong with the Ultra Fishing Umbrella Coverall.


Unlike other fishing umbrellas on the market, this one has the added benefit of side and rear coverage in much the same way as a portable tent.


It's really easy to set up and just as quick to take down, but doesn't sacrifice any protective features in favor of a speedy assembly. Rory uses his coverall on a weekly basis come rain or shine, so it's definitely effective for all season use.

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