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Trophy Deer

Hunting Secrets eBook


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Reviewed by Grant


I'm always keen to check out the latest techniques and tactics for hunting deer and bucks, so I grabbed my copy of the Trophy Deer Hunting Secrets eBook by Keith Cantelmo.


What intrigued me most was that the eBook claimed to document a breakthrough in deer hunting techniques and after reading the entirety of the eBook, I have to agree. The techniques are based on tried and tested ones, but the strategies suggested really come in to their own. I prefer to field test my findings, so I planned a weekend away to test the tips and tricks.


I have to admit that several of the tricks were new to me, even at my age. I decided to test the 'trail laying' technique that involved tracking a deer trail and dominating it as your own. I set the bait as instructed and installed my ground blind.


Author - Keith Cantelmo

Type - eBook



Features - Money-back guarantee

Bonus deer recipes

150 pages

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Trophy Deer Hunting Secrets eBook

Within 15 minutes, a small doe entered my trail followed by a large buck. I took my shot at the buck when the time came and it hit home. The next thing I knew I was enjoying the Steak with Scotch Sour Sauce recipe included in the eBook later that night! Overall this eBook is a good read, very informative and definitely worth the unique takes on deer hunting techniques and hunting guidance in general.

Game Hunting Printable Precision Targets

If you're keen to brush up on your accuracy and precision, why not download our FREE game hunting printable target template?


It makes the ideal companion for the above eBook and it could make all the difference to your hunting success. The weakest points of the game have been centered for your benefit and whether you're planning on hunting rabbit or elk, you'll be hugely advantaged with a bit of precision training.


The file on the left can be saved in Jpeg format, but if you'd like a higher resolution file then simply visit our Hunting category home page for the PDF, as well as several other free printable hunting resources.


We'd love to hear what you think of our templates and if they've helped you to improve your accuracy, so please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] to share your experiences or to keep up to date with our latest offers.

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