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Reviewed by Phil


I've been tackling a few particularly steep inclines recently and I had to turn back at one point. As an avid hiker, that's massively irritating! I tried a range of hiking sticks and these Trekrite Antishock Hiking Sticks were the best of the bunch.


The hiking sticks weigh under 260g each and as I'm 6'1" - the option to extend the telescopic pole is great. The poles include an antishock technology feature which can be turned on and off to suit you.


I tested the Trekrites on an incline of 61 degrees - the same incline that turned me away previously. I was concerned about the hiking sticks holding my weight (just under 100kg with equipment) but they remained sturdy and balanced throughout.


One of the most useful features were the rubberized removable ferrules as they provide a little extra friction on smooth surfaces. I wanted to test the antishock feature and switched it on and off during the climb and while turned on, the antishock kicked in to action and provided extra stability to my steps.


Trekrite Antishock

Hiking Sticks


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Rated 5

pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree Trekrite Antishock Hiking Sticks Trekrite Antishock Hiking Sticks


Brand - Trekrite

Type - Hiking Equipment



Lightweight aluminium

258g per pole

Three Section telescopic extension

65cm to 135cm (26" to 53")

Trekrite Antishock Hiking Sticks

These have become my regular hiking sticks and I'll find an excuse to use them even if I don't have to. One of the best hiking accessories by far and I'd hugely recommend them if you're in need of a reliable pair.

Further Information:


Antishock feature - can be turned on or off

Removable ferrules and snow baskets

Comfortable EVA foam handles and adjustable padded wrist straps.

Heavy duty support system

Able to cope under immense pressure

Reinforced metal points for improved stability


In our opinion, these Trekrite hiking sticks smash their competition in both performance and affordability so don't hesitate to grab yours.

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