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Tough Mudder

Training Program


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pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree Tough Mudder Training Program

Reviewed by Phil


I'd taken part in 3 Tough Mudder events before coming across this training program and I hate admitting that I only finished 1 of them! I take part to improve my balance and endurance during long hiking trips, because both are key for trekkers of all calibres.


The Tough mudder course is 20km of rough running with up to 25 obstacles throughout. It's genuinely challenging and I was desperate to actually complete my 2nd event without bailing.


The training course is broken up in to daily sections detailing endurance techniques, strategies and more. There are loads of bonus materials for extra information all included within the program, so I set aside 8 weeks to improve my performance and jumped straight into it.


Author - Chris Collins

Type - Digital Training Course



Daily training program

Tough Mudder preparation

Endurance training

Fitness improvement methods + loads more!

Rated 5



The videos helped with my endurance and balance immensely and I could feel my resilience improving. By the time the event came round I felt ready to tackle the course. I went from completing 1/3rd of my attempts, to finishing this one in the top 10% of competitors! I met the program developer Chris Collins and told him about my success and was shocked to hear that the top 5% were members of his training program too. A genuinely great course.

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Great Hiking Gear

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Hiking Equipment Checklist

Being properly prepared for a hike is as important, if not more important than the actual hike! That's why we created our hiking equipment checklist.


Feel free to click the image on the left for a downloadable Jpeg which can be printed, or visit our Hiking Homepage to pick up the hi-res PDF!


You'll see that the checklist is very straight forward and you can tick off what you need, what you have and get an idea of what's needed for your trip, so now there's no excuse not to have a great time!

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