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Soldier Water

Purification System


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Rated 5

pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree Soldier Water Purification Hydration System

Reviewed by Phil


I've been using a standard 1L water filter system during hikes over the past few years but found that I'd go through the contents way too quickly. I recently found out about the Water Purification System from Soldier Water and wanted to give it a go. It fits directly into bottles for versatility, so I could enjoy any hydration source outdoors.


Being able to connect to a 2L bottle made a huge difference to my hike. I only needed to replace the water once on my journey rather than 2 or 3 times like previously.


When it came to refilling, I filled my bottle with 2L of water from a local lake. The water hadn't been purified to any degree previously so I was relying on the cleanable filter cartridge within the device to do its job. I tested the purified water on a sheet of pH after I had hand pumped the water into the bottle myself (which is easy to do) and the balance was completely normal - all toxins had been removed. I didn't hesitate to drink from that point onwards.


Brand - Soldier Water

Type - Hiking Accessory



Size of ceramic membrane's aperture:

0.1 micron

Output: Approx. 0.3 l/min (10 oz. per minute)

Capacity: 2L

Soldier Water Purification Hydration System Soldier Water Purification Hydration System Soldier Water Purification Hydration System


The entire system is easy to clean and is light weight. It's compatible with all backpacks and fits neatly in to pockets or pouches. Superb for trekking trips of all durations and I now use the Soldier Water Purifier daily. It's ideal for providing easy purification on the move, or to purify water from outdoor sources in general.

Further Information:


1 x Water purifer (with input and output hose and prefilter)

1 x lubricant

1 x user manual

6 x abrasive paper

Weight: Approx. 88g (3 oz.)


As far as water purification systems go, this has got to be the ultimate model. It's versatile enough to attach to any backpack or clothing, without the ridiculous price tag of other brands!

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