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Snugpak Carryall

Response Pack


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Jackson


After my bergen split recently I needed a reliable replacement bag to fit my survival gear in while on expeditions in the great outdoors. I came across the Snugpak Carryall Response Pack and thought that it looked great so I wanted to try it for myself and see how it would perform on the field.


The bag is made of polyester ripstop PVC with 600d and it's strong enough to ignore the slicing motions from my honed-edged bowie. It's a good size too and can easily store my torches, tools, water bottles, a change of clothes and still have room left over for another 3 litres of storage. Unpacked it's very lightweight too (399g).


The straps are comfortable and it was easy to hold by hand, over my arm or on my back. The clips are solid and firm and held my equipment firmly in place. I wanted to see how an impact would affect the bag so I filled it with balsa wood and allowed it to tumble down a flight of 15 steps - no damage to the wood. I sat on the bag (89kg) and heard a snap, but when I checked just 1 of the 45 balsa sticks had broken.


Brand - Snugpak

Type - Survival Accessory



Fabric: Polyester Ripstop PVC and 600d

Size: L 32.8cm x W 23.6cm x H 7.2cm

Weight: 399g

Color: Olive Camouflage

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Snugpak Carryall Response Pack Snugpak Carryall Response Pack

Overall it's a great outdoors carryall and it has served me well over the past few months. No sign of damage at all and it handles all weather conditions very well. The Snugpak Carryall is a great camouflage bag and one of the best survival accessories I've come across in years.

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Useful Survival Accessories

One of the nicest features of this carryall is the way that it looks. If you're in to that whole 'post-apocalyptic' feel then this pack is every inch the disaster carryall.


It's small enough to be concealed, but not so small as to restrict what goes inside of it. It's also a great color and blends in well to both clothing and natural environments.


The strap is adjustable and could fit around the largest frame at its maximum length, as well as being suitable for children and young adults too. If anything, it's a general carryall that can cater to a wide variety of needs whether you're storing your medical tools indoors, or if you're planning an outdoors trip and need that extra bit of portability.


Considering its price, functionality and features, this carryall by Snugpak really ticks all of the boxes. It's one of the best models that we've come across when compared to its competition on the market.

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