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Rocky Mountain

Elk Guide


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Rated 5

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Rocky Mountain Elk Guide

Reviewed by Grant


Elk hunting is one of my favorite activities. I've brought down more than two dozen in my lifetime and 2 of those hold records. I wanted to see if the Rocky Mountain Elk Guide would improve my game. Chuck Ellisor really knows how to catch Elk and just a few hours in to trying the elk hunting tips, I'd brought down 2 elk.


I've met the author Chuck Ellisor on a few occasions now and he's an expert huntsman. That's definitely reflected in the eBook and there are techniques that I've never heard of before. I wanted to try these out because I know how hard catching a trophy-class elk can be.


I planned a weekend trip to the rocky mountains and set up camp about a 15 minute hike from the elk trail. I focused on the 'lead them down your own trail' technique and laid scent along the path. Within 35 minutes, a small elk turned up so I decided to wait a little longer. I brought the next elk down and it weighed in at 415lb.


Author - Chuck Ellisor

Type - eBook



Hunting tips and strategies

Trail laying and baiting tips

Pre hunt checklist

Equipment check list

Ballistic chart

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I really liked the techniques listed in the eBook, in particular the methods that teach hunters how to bring elk to them, rather than the other way around. A genuinely great elk hunting guide.

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