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Rock Climbing

Skills and Techniques


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Rated 4

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Rock Climbing Skills and Techniques Book

Reviewed by Phil


I've been a professional climber for several years now and learnt my climbing techniques from some of the best in the field. This Rock Climbing Skills and Techniques book was one of my references throughout my training.


When I first read the book I was impressed by the sheer volume of information on a range of activities; multi-pitch climbing, abseiling, cliff climbs and improving climbing skills to name but a few. I've tried all sorts of rock climbing activities and this is easily one of the most useful books on the subject.


The sections are neatly arranged so if you're anything like me you'll want to start by learning one style of climbing at a time. I started with mountaineering and then moved on to abseiling and was able to improve my skills beyond anything that I'd imagined. The book covers strategies, methods, safety techniques and even choosing the best climbing gear around.


Author - Libby Peter

Type - Book



272 pages

Official handbook for mountaineering professionals

Instructional materials and more

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There are climbing techniques in this book that even now I'm still learning from. I'd definitely consider the Rock Climbing book to be the climbers bible. I've met the author on several occasions and she's as highly experienced as I expected and I've improved my climbing grades by 5 since I first started. I put much of my success down to the methods in this book. A great reference for climbers of all experience levels.

Climbing Grade Conversion Chart

Whether you're a qualified climber or an enthusiastic amateur, why not download our free Climbing Grade Conversion Chart, complete with global climbing grades?


You'll be able to keep track of your progress in Europe, Africa, the USA and the UK and see how your skills and levels compare to other locations.


Just click the image on the left and then save the Jpeg file, or visit our Climbing Home Page for the hi-res PDF.

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