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Ridge Runner

Full Tang 10 inch Bowie Knife


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Grant


Over the years, I've achieved quite a collection of bowie knives. When I was asked to review the Ridge Runner Executive full tang, 10 inch bowie knife, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.


I have to say that the knife is one of the sharpest that I've ever used, with a razor sharp edge and a 10 inch blade. The metal isn't your typical kitchen-drawer stainless steel bowie, it's made with AUS-6 steel and it's hard enough to cut in to a block of wood with ease.


It's also very well made, with a great looking handle adorned with scrollwork and it looks like a top quality blade all round. I wanted to start my testing by slicing, stabbing and then hacking.


To test it's sharpness, I sliced through a sheet of 3mm card. In one clean slice, the card was in two pieces without a mark of damage to the blade. I then lined up a 14" foam block for my stabbing test.


Brand - Ridge Runner

Type - Hunting Equipment



Razor-sharp AUS-6 stainless steel

Full tang

Handle etched with intricate scrollwork details

Handsome wooden inlays in handle

Measurements: 5" blade; 10" overall

Ridge Runner Full Tang 10" Bowie Knife
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Both times, the blade went through to the hilt with a medium amount of pressure. Pulling the blade out was a smooth process and so I went on to my hacking test. I hacked away at the 14" block of foam and after 2 minutes there was nothing left but shrapnel. It's simply a great all purpose bowie overall and still serves me well - it's easily my favorite hunting companion.

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It makes the ideal companion for the above knife, especially as it's light weight enough to throw and it could make all the difference to your hunting success. The weakest points of the game have been centered for your benefit and whether you're planning on hunting rabbit or elk, you'll be hugely advantaged with a bit of precision training.


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