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Reviewed by Rory


If there's one thing that I'm all about, it's testing bivy sacks. The Rab Ridge Master Nestor Bivy Sack is quite a luxury model so I couldn't wait.


One of the nicest features about this bivy sack is that both colors come in a one-size fits-all design. I opted for the olive color as I'm a fan of camo tones, but the saffron is a nice shade too if you prefer a brighter bivy.


The sack was fairly easy to set up and took about 6 minutes from unpacking to completion. I inadvertantly dropped my blade along the side of the nylon bivy sack while setting up but fortunately the material deflected it and left no mark. The 2 poles are very heavy duty and are more than capable of supporting the tent, so I attached my lighting hookup too which I wouldn't normally do in anything other than a tent.


Rab Ridge Master

Nestor Bivy Sack


20% Discount Here ($319.96)!


Rated 5

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Great Camping Equipment


Brand - Rab

Type - Camping Equipment



Colors: olive/ saffron

Fabric: 40D Nylon

Floor: 70D Nylon

Fully taped seams

-$80 Discount!

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Rab Ridge Master Nestor Bivy Sack Olive Rab Ridge Master Nestor Bivy Sack Saffron

I normally struggle to slip in to bivy sacks, but this was a breeze. The opening is along the side so it's a simply case of entering and exiting and the mesh was both fully breathable and protective. I have had a couple of bivy sacks fall apart in the past, so I made a point of rocking this one like there was no tomorrow and it refused to buckle. That explains the manufacturer's lifetime warranty!


Overall, the Rab Ridge Master Nestor is an ideal bivy sack for solo camping. It kept me warm, comfortable and it's a great price for the features included. It's reliable, portable and easy to store when not in use but I keep it in the rear of my truck for those spontaneous camping trips where a spot of fishing is involved!

Rab are well known for creating high quality products at an affordable price, but this Nestor Bivy Sack really takes the top prize with a current 25% discount.


It's sleek, heavy duty and capable of withstanding all sorts of force, both from internally and externally.


Everything about this bivy sack oozes style and it's ideal for all sorts of outdoors lifestyles. The extra height to the head area makes all the difference when it comes to getting comfortable, but it's not so high that you'd be better off getting a tent!

Don't miss your chance to grab this awesome bivy sack, now with 20% off using this Outdoors Man link!

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