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Powermonkey Extreme

Portable 12v Charger


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Reviewed by Phil


As much as I enjoy going dark during camping trips, sometimes it's a necessity for me to bring electronic devices. When I came across the Powermonkey Extreme Portable 12v Solar Powered Charger, I loaded it up and set off for testing.


I brought the entire adaptor kit with me even though I didn't have the devices to fit the ports, but the versatility is great.


I packed my Samsung tablet, my smartphone, two older Nokia models, my GPS unit and an old handheld radio. The only thing that had any battery left was my S3, so I let it run dry and then started connecting the devices one at a time.


Within 3.5 hours, I'd recharged the majority of my equipment barring the handheld radio but that was down to the radio's port being damaged. I managed to get it back in shape and insert the Powermonkey adaptor and within 51 minutes it was at 96% power! The charger's energy was low by this point, so I attached the solar panel and 14hrs 04 minutes later it was back to 100%.


Brand - Powertraveller

Type - Hiking Accessory



Colors: Black/ Coyote

Compatible with a range of devices

Multiple adaptors and ports

Rapid charge time


20% discount

Rated 5

pine-tree Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme Portable 12v Charger


The construction of the unit is also worth pointing out as it's durable enough to have been dropped directly on to a rock (accidentally!) from about 4ft. It's waterproof and was able to survive in roughly 2L of water without shutting down or faulting. Overall it's a great piece of kit that outshines its competition and is packed full of features too. It's definitely worth the investment.

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