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Petzl Corax

Climbing Kit


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Phil


I spend most of my weekends climbing in one way or another so I've gone through a lot of climbing harnesses. I wanted to make my next harness a little less temporary and I was surprised to find this great Petzl Corax Climbing Kit.


It comes complete with safety harness, verso belay device, climbing chalk and bag and it's compatible with all types of rope. The universo belay system also contains an Attache 3D carabiner for extra safety. Without hesitating, I took to my local cliff face to test its effectiveness.


Once I'd established a secure line, I connected the harness which was easy as it comes with an exclusive sliding connection piece. The climb was smooth, sturdy and easy to control. The set comes with a useful chalk bag which I connected to my harness and was able to top up my chalk as I climbed.


The harness is light weight but still provided that reassuring feeling of being secure during my climb. On the way back down the harnesses' mechanism worked flawlessly as I held and released to absail the cliff face. The overall climb was hugely enjoyable.


Brand - Petzl

Type - Climbing Equipment



Lightweight, compact, durable Corax harness for maximum comfort and versatility during summer or winter activities

Includes Harness, Chalk bag, Universo belay device, and power crunch chalk (25g).

I've been using this kit for about 3 months now and it hasn't let me down once. It works perfectly with my other climbing accessories too which is great.

Further Information:


Universo belay system consists of a Verso belay device, an Attache 3D carabiner and an exclusive sliding connection piece

Compatible with all ropes: - single ropes ≥ 8.9 mm - half ropes ≥ 8 mm - twin ropes ≥ 7.5 mm

Bandi chalkbag with one-handed opening system

Power crunch chalk (25 g bag)

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