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Milestone Double

Flocked Airbed


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Rated 5

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Great Camping Gear

Milestone Double Flocked Airbed

Reviewed by Rory


When I heard that I'd be reviewing the new Milestone Double Flocked Airbed, I'll admit that I was looking forward to testing its suitability for sleeping outdoors on camping trips.


I started my testing by inflating the airbed with a footpump (which took 4.5 minutes). Once inflated, the material felt very comfortable; spongy but firm. I'd be testing the airbed overnight so I made sure the valve was tightened to check for air loss come morning and I recorded the air pressure level.


I slept well overnight and was as comfortable as I am in my own bed. I wanted to see if there was any air loss and the pressure remained exactly the same, not a single bar reduced.


Now that I could safely test for water resistance, I did so by pouring 2.5 litres of warm water over the flocked side of the airbed. The water was repelled easily and after wiping with a dish cloth, there was no trace of any liquid.


Brand - Milestone

Type - Camping Accessory



Dimensions: L 191cm x W 137cm x H 22cm

Color: Blue

Material: Reinforced vinyl

Waterproof Flocked Top

Super Safety Valve

Rapid Inflation And Deflation

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Milestone Double Flocked Airbed Milestone Double Flocked Airbed


Overall this is a great waterproof airbed; very comfortable to sleep on whether you use a sheet or prefer the flocking. I've used it several times since too and it still works very well, even with my 98kg weight. The large 191cm width is also ideal for two or more people for all outdoors activities.

Rory's been known in certain circles as the master of airbeds for no other reason than he really likes to sleep! After testing four other beds with similar features to this Milestone double, they were left in the shadows. The speed in which this airbed can be inflated and deflated is like nothing we've come across before and the cost for the quality is fantastic.


Not only does this airbed have flocking (which is pretty standard these days), but the flocking is waterproof which is pretty impressive in and of itself. Typically, flocking adds a bit of water weakness to the bed as liquid soaks in to the tiny fibres, but the way that this airbed has been developed repels even extensive signs of water and leaves it firm and dry in all instances.


It's not just the price and quality that were winners here, it's also the airbeds reliability. We've all been there where we've had to sleep on a ceaselessly-deflating airbed over night and it's one of the worst things to have to wake up to.


This airbed defies the odds with a carefully fitted plug that holds tight even if put under immense pressure and the results are a comfortable night's sleep without deflation. It's definitely recommended so don't hesitate to pick yours up for the indoors or outdoors!

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