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Lighting EVER LED

Camping Lantern


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Rated 5

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Awesome Camping Gear

Lighting EVER LED Camping Lantern

Reviewed by Rory


I've always brought a few light sources with me on camping trips and they've helped on more than a few occasions. This Lighting EVER LED 300lm camping lantern has become my favorite, hands down.


I first used it in Spring 2013 and it's much more versatile than many of my other lanterns. It's light weight and takes 3 D-sized batteries, or a single triple A. I wanted to test how long the batteries would last and the longest that I've had the lantern running was 11 days uninterrupted.


The lantern also has 3 settings - flashing which is ideal for alerts and emergencies, 50% which is powerful enough for me to see for roughly 25m all around myself and then 100% which is almost as bright (300lm) as a vehicle's headlamps.


Brand - Lighting EVER

Type - Camping Accessory



Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.8 x 18.4 cm

Ultra bright 300lm

3 modes: 100%, 50%, and flashing

Water resistant

408g weight

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Lighting EVER LED Camping Lantern Lighting EVER LED Camping Lantern

The brand said that the lantern is water resistant and I tested it by using it in the rain for roughly 15 minutes on the 50% setting. It didn't falter at all and the light flow was uninterrupted. I own 3 of these lanterns now and use them to light up my camp site throughout the evening. A great, eco-friendly camping lantern all round.

For an LED camping lantern, this one is definitely at the top of our list considering the price, reliability and performance. It may not be entirely waterproof, but what lanterns are? It's water-resistant and can deter all but the most intense signs of liquid - all without showing any signs of fading in its luminosity.


The different brightness settings are also very useful and can make all the difference to camping trips, especially if you need to alert someone or keep an area well-lit.


The construction is very solid and the lantern stays in one piece even if knocked against harder objects (don't over do it though!). Overall, it's a great LED lantern that can last for ages without any sign of slowing down.


We've found that one of the most effective methods when using this LED lantern is to have a couple set up around your camp site and left running until you're ready for bed. They'll attract moths and flies which keeps them away from your food and drink and they'll provide enough coverage so that you can see what you're doing light to make sure that you can see where everything and everyone is.

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