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If it's hiking and trekking information that you're after then you're in the right place. Whether you're traveling to a quiet location on foot, or traversing a mountain side to check out the view once you reach the peak; there's nothing quite like hiking to really get your heart pumping.


It's not always easy to get to where you're going with a pair of trainers and a walking stick, so we'll be checking out a variety of great hiking gear to help you with your outdoors expeditions. Our resident hiker Phil has more than a few stories to share, from getting lost in the wilderness and having to navigate back to his truck using moss, all the way to his encounter with a black bear! Just remember that if the bear is black; fight it back. If the bear's brown, just lay down. If it's white... well try not to die of fright.


We'll be posting information on awesome hiking gear, the latest videos to tackle tricky hikes and you can also enjoy our free resources just below to help you to get to grips with your outdoors trip. You'll find a seasonal sun position diagram to help you to navigate using the sun as your guide, as well as handy tips and tricks like using moss to tell which direction you're traveling in and more!


Be sure to check back often for the latest info on all things hiking related and to enjoy our exclusive Outdoors Man discount on a wide range of products that we endorse! If you'd like to get in touch with us, simply email [email protected] or [email protected] for anything related to hiking, climbing or trekking.

Free Hiking Resources

There's nothing worse than starting a hike, only to remember that piece of equipment you left at home! Why not download our hiking checklist to make sure that you're properly packed.

Hiking Equipment Checklist Sample
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