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Gerber Bear Grylls

Ultimate Outdoors Survival Kit


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Jackson


Over the years I've realized how important survival kits are, especially for the outdoors. I'll always keep a kit handy in my truck and back at home and I just replace the bits as I go. When I came across the Bear Grylls Survival Kit by Gerber, I wanted to see what made this set so different from others that I've used. The combination of Gerber's quality and Bear Grylls' tactics sounded very promising.


First of all, most survival kits are pretty limited on what they provide and I've found that I'll sometimes need to pick up a few tools from other sources. That's not the case with this gerber survival kit - it provides a great range of tools as standard and is excellent for surviving outdoors.


The tools themselves are heavy duty and they do exactly what they were made for. The fine edged blade is sharp enough to shave with and the pliers took the full pressure of my hand without any sign of buckling.


Brand - Gerber

Type - Survival Accessory




Wire cutter

Fine edge blade

Carry case

Plenty more

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The wire cutters were able to clip through 6.8mm cables without any difficulty and even the scissors were strong enough to cut 2.5mm card easily. All of the equipment handled their responsibilites really well and I could think of many situations where I'd need to rely on them. I own two of these outdoors survival kits now and they've replaced my truck and home sets.

More Contents:


Can opener


Medium flathead driver

Crosshead driver

Bottle opener



Angle Mirror

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Useful Survival Accessories

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Outdoors Kit

As far as outdoors survival kits go, we haven't found another that matches the quality, affordability and performance of this Gerber/ Bear Grylls hybrid.


With enough gadgets and gizmos to turn any situation in to a survivable one, there isn't really anything bad to say about it! There's a little extra space in the pouch to store a few of your own survival pieces too, or for more matches and wire if necessary.


Definitely recommended for outdoors use in general, so don't hesitate to grab yours!

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