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Reviewed by Rory


If you're anything like me, you'll love fishing. When I'm not fishing with a traditional rod and line, I really enjoy loading up an artificial fly and casting over a lake or river. As our resident fisherman, I was assigned to review the Fly Fishing from Scratch eBook and I have to say that I was very impressed with the contents.


I was surprised to see that this book is not just your typical "fly fishing for beginners", it also has expert fly fishing techniques to suit intermediate and professional fishermen, too. There are a few tactics and techniques that I'd personally never tried before and they all worked very well.


There's a great range of improvement tips and useful ideas; particularly the methods that teach you how to cast further and with greater precision. One of my favorites in the eBook is the 'casting in the wind' technique, which helped my line to improve distance and accuracy after just a few tries.

Fly Fishing

From Scratch


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Rated 5

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Author - Henry Holderness

Type - eBook



Instructional videos

Informative content

Strategies and tips

Casting techniques

Unlimited access to fly fishing member's area

Fly Fishing from Scratch eBook

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There's plenty of information included within the eBook and the videos were great to watch too. Readers can also sign up to the author's fly fishing community and share ideas with other fishermen, so all in all it's a great read and very educational for fly fishers of all calibres.

Fly Fishing from Scratch Page

Why not check out our very own 'DIY Fish Bait Recipes that Cause a Feeding Frenzy'?


It's filled with a great range of recipes for catching bass, carp and catfish, all of which have been scientifically developed to trigger unique instincts in predatory fish, from aggression and irritation, all the way to reproductive sensations.


You'll only need a quick trip to your local grocery store to pick up the simple ingredients. They might not seem that effective when used alone, but when you combine them using the recipes provided within the eBook, you'll soon find that you're replicating scents that even the most solitary fish won't be able to resist.


Now available for $3.99 via Amazon US, or for £2.64 via Amazon UK.

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