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Fusion Tactical Tomahawk


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Jackson


I couldn't wait to get my hands on the F01T-NCP Tactical Tomahawk by Leadoff to see how it would perform in testing. The Fusion Tactical Tomahawk has a name like a military aircraft, so I had high hopes.


It's definitely aesthetically pleasing to look at, with a solid handle that matches the matt black axe head. The two holes on the axe head itself go a long way in making the full tang tomahawk look unique. The handle is comfortable and didn't grind against my palm during use either.


To test its effectiveness, I lined up a few 2kg blocks of pine wood on an iron bench and then cut in to them 1 at a time. I was apprehensive for the first swing but still managed to cut in 2/3 of the way. Once I felt comfortable with the Tomahawk, I split the other 2 blocks like melons.


Throughout testing, there wasn't a single sign of damage or weakening and the axe head stayed firmly in place throughout. The weight distribution is great and I was easily able to add several more lbs to the force of my swing just because of the construction.


Brand - SOG Leadoff

Type - Survival Accessory



Weight: 272 Oz

Solid construction

Honed edge

Matt black color

2.75" Steel axe head

15.75" Overall length

SOG Leadoff F01T-NCP Fusion Tactical Tomahawk
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Overall a great tomahawk, one of the best outdoors weapons that I've used and definitely as durable as I was hoping. If it's a portable axe that won't lose its head after a few swings that you want then this little fella is the way to go.

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SOG Leadoff F01T-NCP Fusion Tactical Tomahawk SOG Leadoff F01T-NCP Fusion Tactical Tomahawk

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