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CvLife 30L

Tactical Rucksack


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Rated 5

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Reviewed by Phil


I recently came across the CvLife 30L Tactical Rucksack while looking for a replacement to my previous pack. I always take a pack with me on expeditions and I had one coming up so I decided to test the effectivesness of this pack.


The CvLife rucksack  has a 30L capacity which was more than enough to store my equipment. I was able to pack food, drinks, medikits, accessories, a change of clothes, waterproofs and materials and had about 12 litres left to fill. I didn't want to waste any room so I loaded up a few more bottles of water and set about my hike.


I alternated between carrying the pack and wearing it on my back and both times were very comfortable. The weight was evenly distributed so I wasn't left exhausted and when worn as a backpack it left my hands free.


The compartments are neatly laid out so it was easy to find my supplies and there are almost a dozen pouches to store accessories too. During the hike, the contents were protected and dry, even when it rained heavily for over 30 minutes, so much more effective than you'd expect from a typical waterproof backpack.


Brand - CvLife

Type - Hiking Accessory



30L capacity

Material: 600d military nylon

Weight: 950g

High quality zippers for ease of use

Waterproof and durable pouches

CvLife 30L Tactical Rucksack CvLife 30L Tactical Rucksack CvLife 30L Tactical Rucksack


Overall this is the best hiking backpack I've ever used. A great addition to my hiking equipment that has proven to be a great companion for my trekking trips.

Further Information:


Option to attach more pouches for extra space

Compatible with hydration systems

Main Compartment: 17"(43cm) x 9.84"(25cm) x 8.66"(22cm)

Secondary Compartment (approx): 15.8"(40cm) High x 7.9"(20cm) Wide x 2.8"(7cm) Deep

Upper Front Pocket (approx): 2.8"(7cm) High x 6.7"(17cm) Wide x 2"(5cm) Deep

Lower Front Pocket (approx): 9"(23cm) High x 6.7"(17cm) Wide x 2"(5cm) Deep

Chest and waist belt included

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