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Dein Climbing Hold Set

for Indoors or Outdoors


Grab Yours Set Here for £164.99


Rated 5

pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree pine-tree Dein Climbing Hold Set x 80 with Screws

Reviewed by Phil


I recently converted one of my rooms to an indoor climbing room, complete with soft flooring and angled walls. I came across this indoor and outdoor climbing hold set by Dein to cover the walls and couldn't wait to get them mounted and tested.


The indoor climbing set comes with 80 climbing holds in a range of colors ranging in size from XS to XL. I've looked at plenty of sets in the past and they don't often include the nuts, bolts and climbing accessories needed for mounting but this climbing set comes with everything.


I was able to cover 10m2 of wall space. Putting them up was straight forward - the holds and bolts fit perfectly together and the wall was ready to test in about 4 hours.


I'm 98kg and tested each and every foot and hand hold in the room - they all held perfectly. Some of the holds are the right shape for hanging, so I added those to my angled ceiling and hung in place for as long as I could with no sign of the holds faulting.


Brand - Dein

Type - Climbing Accessory



8 x climbing holds size XL

12 x climbing holds with undercut size L

25 x climbing holds size M

20 x climbing holds size S

15 x climbing holds size XS

Dein Climbing Hold Set x 80 with Screws Dein Climbing Hold Set x 80 with Screws

These are great for the whole family and my kids love using them too. Before a big climb I'll practice indoors, but this climbing set is ideal for outdoors climbing too.

More Included:


65 x suitable hexagon socket screw M10 Din 912 zinc plated

30 x chipboard screw zinc plated for fastening the XS holds

250 x T-nut M10 zinc plated

1 x instruction sheet for DIY climbing walls


Our personal thoughts: An awesome climbing hold set that beats its competition with affordability and durability.

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