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How to Climb

3 Grades Harder


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Rated 4

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Reviewed by Phil


Before I became a professional climbing instructor I had to improve my climbing level by several grades. I set myself a target of 6 weeks and wanted to check out the How to Climb 3 Grades Harder eBook by renowned climber Mick Ward. I really wanted to learn how to climb properly and as the author had guaranteed results; I was really keen to get started.


I started the test at F4 (5.7) which was really below where I wanted to be, so I focused on the climbing techniques and put them into practice on my indoors climbing wall.


After a few weeks I'd learnt plenty of climbing tips and methods that improved my climb several times over. The techniques are very straight forward and are a lot easier to follow thanks to the videos. The text content is useful too and makes for a good read before and after training - I particularly liked the methods that help with grip and finger strength.


Author - Mick Ward

Type - eBook



Instructional Videos

Informative Content

Tips and Techniques to Improve Climbing

Unique Methods Guaranteed to Improve Skills

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By the time I got to my 4th week I'd improved my climbing grade to F7a (5.11d) which was great as I still had another 2 weeks to meet my deadline. By the end of the 6th week I was climbing at F7a+ (5.12a) and I still can't believe how effective the techniques in this eBook are. Great for beginners and pro climbers alike.

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Climbing Grade Conversion Chart

Whether you're a qualified climber or an enthusiastic amateur, why not download our free Climbing Grade Conversion Chart, complete with global climbing grades?


You'll be able to keep track of your progress in Europe, Africa, the USA and the UK and see how your skills and levels compare to other locations.


Just click the image on the left and then save the Jpeg file, or visit our Climbing Home Page for the hi-res PDF.

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