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Chef Stove Combi Grill


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Rated  5

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Cool Camping Equipment


Reviewed by Rory


I love camping and whether I'm out and about with my family or taking part in an expedtition with the rest of the Outdoors Man team; it's a priority to have quality camping equipment. This time around, I needed a good camping stove. I've spent many trips eating cold beans from tins and recently came across this portable Campingaz chef stove.


The gas source is a much better option than using electricity and the stove is large enough to cook for a family of 4 or 5. I couldn't wait to get cooking on my stove and to eat the results.


The stove itself flicked into action quickly, with a steady flow of gas keeping the flames alight, even in the wind. I loaded up two large pork steaks, a saucepan of beans and a few slices of bread for toasting.


Brand - Campingaz

Type - Camping Equipment



Stove power of 2 x 2,300W

Grill power of 1,100W

Operates via any butane cylinders

Runtime up to 8hr on Campingaz R 907

Boil time: 6min 30sec

Weight: 5.8kg

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The beans heated in less than 3 minutes, the steaks were well-done in 6 minutes and my toast was ready to be buttered before I'd finished cooking the lot. As the compartments are separate, there was no risk of run-off and when I was done eating, the entire stove neatly came apart to be cleaned. This is now my stove of choice for cooking while camping and even loading and securing it in my pickup is straight forward. Genuinely a great camping stove overall.

Campingaz Chef Stove Range

If it's portability, reliability and performance that you're looking for, then we can't recommend this Campingaz Chef Stove enough. It's the next best thing to having a cooker and stove outdoors and at a fraction of the weight we're sure that it will be a lot more suitable for camping trips and outdoor cooking in general! The sturdy construction goes a long way in keeping the content secure and looked after and we haven't found a model similar at the same price as this bargain!

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