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Great Camping Equipment

Welcome to the Outdoors Man's camping category. Here's where you'll find our take on all things camping related. From discussions and details on well known camping practices, all the way to reviews of some of the best camping gear on the market, such as tents or bivy sacks. We have something for all levels of campers and backpackers, so be sure to check back for the latest on discounted outdoors equipment.


We'll often load up the truck and take our families somewhere deep into the wilderness for a camping trip or weekend expedition. As avid outdoors men, we get to spend plenty of time on solo camping expeditions too, so finding the right camping equipment is very important to us - especially as we've had more run-ins with the weather than most!


Over the years we've been caught out in the rain, struggled to pitch a tent and on more than a few occasions we've actually been lost in the middle of nowhere! We've worked on our skills over the years and have worked out ways to keep one step ahead of things when it comes to camping, so please feel free to check out our resources, product reviews and more to help you make the most of your camping trip.


We'll be updating this page with new videos, fresh content and relevant information frequently, so be sure to check back and get in touch if you'd like any further information on camping, policies and practices in general!

Free Camping Resources

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Here's a printable template for building a safe campfire outdoors. It's fully printable, hi-res and sized ready for your trip.


Click here to download the PDF template.

Campfire Template
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