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Camping Activities

Camping trips are an ideal event to have loads of fun. We've spent trips with family, friends and we've even taken part in pre-arranged activities, so there's really no limit on the sort of activities that you can enjoy while out in the great outdoors.


Here's a list of some of our favorites and many of them have become traditions over the past few years:


Treasure hunts - These activities are great, especially if you have kids. Define an area to search, hide any number of things throughout and then go and explore!


Campfire singing - It's not just a tradition for scouts; it's actually great fun to sing around a campfire at night. Whether you're more in to Lady Gaga or a bit of classical opera, don't stop until the wolves howl.


Hiking and boating - These are two of our favorite activities because they are both so enjoyable. Exploring the wilderness on foot or while on water is great fun for all the family.


Archery - This is one of the most enjoyable activities for campers. Whether you've brought your own bow and arrow, or are part of a course; a bit of target practice is great fun. Just make sure to aim straight!

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