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By The Outdoors Man, Dec 19 2014 08:01AM

We've all heard about full tang blades before, but what is it about them that makes them so much more reliable than other knives and swords? For those of you that may be inexperienced with what a tang is and how it affects a blade, you might be surprised to hear that a blade that doesn't possess a full tang has a huge chance of separating from the handle, especially if it's a poorly made knife. The tang refers to the construction of the blade, with full tangs running the length of the handle whereas other tangs (half, quarter, etc) only run along a certain length of the handle, if at all. This means that full tang blades make good use of a single-piece construction whereas half and quarter tangs will often have two to three components that can sometimes come apart.

There are several types of knives available on the market and it's important to choose the right one for your requirement. If you're using a knife to cut through meat for example, the last thing that you'll want is for the handle to buckle and leave the blade in a dangerous position. That's where a full tang blade comes in handy as it runs through the handle and stays in one piece. What this means is that unless the blade snaps under immense pressure or because of damage, you can rest assured that the blade's edge won't separate from the handle whether you're cutting, stabbing or hacking.

This isn't always the case with half tang blades as they can often become dislodged when used and can separate from their handles. Fortunately, knife makers have a great way of reducing the chances of these types of incidents and they do so with a process called pinning. Even full tang blades can benefit from being pinned and the process involves at least one hole being drilled through both the handle and metal blade before placing a pin to connect the two components.

This means that the handle will stay in place during use, as well as reinforcing the tang of the blade. There are a couple of very reliable blades on the market that boast a full tang construction as well as a wide range of uses. One of our favorites has to be the Winchester Bowie Knife which is ideal for hunting, survival, camping and plenty more. There are other models available but the Winchester Bowie Knife is one of the most affordable and reliable in our experience, so don't hesitate to pick up one of your own for under $30!

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