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By The Outdoors Man, Dec 4 2014 10:23AM

When it comes to a fantastic outdoors tool that handles the responsibilty of both axe and machete, there's really nothing better than the Woodman's Pal. Take it from us, we've tried, tested and exploited more than a dozen machetes over the past few years and when it comes to edge retention, full tang construction and outdoors potential, nothing even comes close to the Woodman's Pal!

You'll find a variety of Woodman's Pal models via the company's website and we recommend each and every one of them. From the Military Premium which features a reinforced knuckle guard and leather handle, all the way to the Original model featuring hardwood handle and utility loop; every single Woodman's Pal is checked for quality and performance with a 100% guarantee, while being entirely affordable! If you catch the holiday deals, you'll also benefit from a discount and still get an awesome product that's both a tool and a weapon.

So what makes the Woodman's Pal so special when compared to the competition? Let's take a look at its features now.

The length of the Woodman's Pal measures 16.5 inches, with a 5 inch blade. Depending on your model, you can expect a leather wrapped handle or a hardwood equivalent, but both handles are full tang and fully pinned, meaning that they won't fly apart like cheaper products.

The blade itself is made from high-carbon steel and hardened to Rockwell C47 to guarantee durability, resilience and edge retention. The blade's thickness is 1/8" and measures 10.5" in length which provides a great cutting length that can hack, slash and slice to suit your requirements. The blade is more than capable of cutting through 1" branches in a single swing too, so it also makes an awesome gardening tool.

The entire tool weighs just 25 ounces so it's lightweight and portable, especially if you opt for a sheath with built in loop for belt attachment. One of the biggest issues with machetes is that they can't get in to those hard to reach corners and angles to cut away at irritating brushes and branches. That's where the handy hook design comes in handy as it's honed edge can cut away at even the most stubborn object.

Overall, the Woodman's Pal is a fantastic outdoors tool that we won't go anywhere without. Whether you're a collector, outdoorsman or require that added punch while on duty, this blade will serve you well for years to come and is highly recommended by us at

It's the perfect holiday gift for sportsmen, hunters, campers, gardeners, foresters, surveyors, landowners, farmers, law enforcement officers, golf course superintendents, fire & rescue teams, military servicemen, survivalists, ATV Travelers, hikers, highway crews, collectors and many more.

To purchase your very own Woodman's Pal for yourself or your loved one, call toll-free on 1-800-708-5191 or visit

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