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By The Outdoors Man, Mar 7 2017 11:00AM

How many of us have planned an exciting adventure outdoors, only to be caught short when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse? At The Outdoors Man, we’re no strangers to bad weather; in fact our team have been caught in some of the most severe storms to have graced our green earth!

Over time, we’ve realised just how important it can be to have access to apps, devices, and gadgets that can help us to tell the difference between a hot spot and one that could leave us out in the cold. Rory was recently caught in a storm whilst traversing the Mediterranean, and unfortunately for him he was helpless. If he’d have had a lightning monitoring system, he might have been able to avoid the afflicted region entirely.

If we think about it, knowing where lightning is planning on striking in real time could actually be a great way to keep on top of our fishing trips, and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for the best lightning strike map real time out there. It’s not all about lightning though is it? Sometimes there’s a lot that can be said for weather in general.

Safeguarding your outdoor event from the elements

There are several weather alert systems out there, but there’s only one that we trust personally and use often – a great little tool from Earth Networks. They might specialise in providing up to date information for professional purposes, but as avid outdoors men, we’ve definitely found a way to put their solutions to good uses.

What better way to stay warm and dry than by knowing where a storm might strike next? We’ll be planning our ventures and explorations in advance from now on, so you won’t be likely to see much rain gear featured on our website in the future!

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