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The time it took to complete my rod was 16 hours and I've made 4 others since in different weight categories. One of the best features of the eBook was the instructions on how to achieve different weight classes for rods - I have 2lb, 4.5lb, 9lb and 14lb bamboo rods now. Overall a nice read and really informative. My rods work great too, much better than expected.

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Author - J. de Lespinay

Type - eBook



125 page eBook

117 photographs

18 video tutorials

32 unique sketch designs

Intructional chapters

Reviewed by Rory


I've always loved the idea of making my own bamboo fishing rod. I tried making one several years back using pine wood but it took way too long and I gave up. Grant suggested I try this Make your Own Bamboo Fishing Rod eBook, so I set about collecting a few pieces of bamboo to prepare.


The eBook is split in to several sections and each chapter works on improving your knowledge base. I had no idea how to split strips of bamboo at first but by the time I got to chapter 2 I was able to split the strips easily.


One of my favorite parts of the eBook was learning how to build a bonding machine to bind my bamboo strips - it took me roughly 3 hours to bind the pieces for my rod. I also learnt how to keep the pieces together and that saved a lot of time too.

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How To Make Your Own Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod eBook by J. de Lespinary

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