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Anglo Arms 55lb Hunting

Black Compound Bow


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Rated 5

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Great Hunting Accessories

Reviewed by Grant


When I'm not using my rifle for hunting trips, I rely on a bow and arrow to bring my game down. I wanted to find a reliable compound bow as standard bows don't seem to provide the range and accuracy that I'm after. I came across this 55lb black hunting compound bow by Anglo Arms a few weeks ago and tried it out.


The bow itself is ideal for adults between 5'8" and 6'5" and has a 75 meter range. I'd be targeting small game for testing, so I travelled to a local field known for its hare population.


The first thing that I noticed was the ease in which the drawstring can be pulled. I loaded up an arrow and took aim from 25yds at a 2lb hare and hit my mark first try. The pressure was enough to send the arrow out the other side of the hare in one motion - this is easily one of the strongest bows I've ever used. For a long range bow, it doesn't lose out on any strength before hitting its mark.


Brand - Anglo Arms

Type - Hunting Equipment



Extremely powerful

Draw Weight: 55 lbs

Distance: 75 metres

Speed: 206ft/s

Adjustable draw weights

Twin cam idlers

Anglo Arms 55lb Black Hunting Compound Bow Anglo Arms 55lb Black Hunting Compound Bow Anglo Arms 55lb Black Hunting Compound Bow
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As the hunting bow is lightweight, it makes a great stealth bow and I was able to load up and let off another arrow in the opposite direction within the space of a minute, taking out a pheasant about to take flight. For a hunting weapon that doesn't sacrifice any features for usability, it's very accurate and effective and I've used it several times since with great success.

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If you're keen to brush up on your accuracy and precision, why not download our FREE game hunting printable target template?


It makes the ideal companion for the above compound bow and it could make all the difference to your hunting success. The weakest points of the game have been centered for your benefit and whether you're planning on hunting rabbit or elk, you'll be hugely advantaged with a bit of precision training.


The file on the left can be saved in Jpeg format, but if you'd like a higher resolution file then simply visit our Hunting category home page for the PDF, as well as several other free printable hunting resources.


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