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Whether you're an avid camper looking for the latest equipment reviews, or if you prefer a spot of fishing over the weekend - at the Outdoors Man, we bring you the latest information on the best equipment, tools, outdoors eBooks and outdoor DIY guides available - all at the best prices on the internet. We scour the globe looking for the best products, and then find the cheapest prices on them - many of which are exclusive to our audience.


Our experience comes from a range of outdoor pursuits; from fishing and camping, to hunting and hiking; we've spent years practicing these sports and we're happy to be a part of our growing community.


We established theOutdoorsMan.Org because we wanted to build a reliable source of information for our fellow outdoors men and women. There are so many brands on the market that finding the best equipment can be difficult. We do the hard work for you by testing a massive range of products and then present you with the best of them.


Our reviews all come from an un-biased perspective and we try and test each product ourselves; even if it means learning the hard way. If we're ever unhappy with a product, we simply won't display it on the Outdoors Man, it's as simple as that. This way, you'll get information on the very best equipment and accessories to enjoy in the great outdoors, with no compromise.


When we find a new outdoors product, we don't just check it out behind the scenes; we also find the latest information, details and experiences, before rolling the important parts into one place so that you can get to know whether or not the gear is right for you. From eBooks filled with tips and techniques, all the way to practical equipment to help improve your outdoors experience; we'll cover it all.


We don't just provide reviews; we've built a great range of resources for fishing, camping, hunting and more that can be taken with you on your outdoors activities, as well as a range of articles and posts that we update frequently to benefit outdoors men of all experience levels, including our own products!

About Us

The Pine Tree Rating System

At, we aim to bring you information on the latest and most effective products on the market for all of your outdoors activities. That's why we invented the Pine Tree rating system.


We'll extensively test a product and then if it makes the cut, we'll feature it on our site to help you narrow down your choices when looking for great outdoors gear. We judge on quality, suitability, reliability and performance and it if doesn't earn 4 pines or above, we'll give it a miss.


We affiliate products on our website which means that each time you purchase something using our links, we get a small fee from the brand. As many leading outdoor brands provide us with a great variety of products to review, we have access to unique discount codes and promotional offers that we extend to our Outdoors Man audience. This means that you can grab your favorite outdors gear at a reduced rate that you won't find anywhere else as our thanks for supporting us.



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